2014 Key Transfer Form

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2014 Key Transfer Form

Postby countrygirl » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:45 am

IF YOU HAVE SOLD THE ONLY SUBURBAN PARCEL THAT YOU OWN, THE KEY(S) ASSIGNED TO THAT PARCEL AND IN YOUR POSSESSION MUST BE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEW PROPERTY OWNER(S). If you have more keys in your possession than new owners, then you must relinquish the remaining key(s) to SEPA Club Inc; failure to do so will result in the key being reported as Stolen and it will be confiscated when found.

If you own another parcel that doesn’t have a key assigned to it, you may transfer your key(s) to the second parcel, as long as the names and number of owners remain the same. This will be verified.

Please use the following form for Key Transfers.
Key Transfer Request Form 01-18-14.pdf
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Key Transfer Request Form 01-18-14.doc
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